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BB is registered ASC registered speaker YMCA cert Personal Trainer and an ambassador of


uk bodypower –  BB aka Barry Bhadresh Gohil – Ambassador Code 2406 member of London Chamber of Commerce – Connect Influence Support


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BS 7858 screening ipsa.org.uk


We create and implement superior financial solutions for our clients. Serving clients is our fundamental purpose.

We earn our clients’ trust by delivering the best guidance and service.

Great people working together as a team are our competitive advantage.

As we serve, we are committed to these core values:

  • Always place our clients’ interests first
  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and treat others with respect
  • Work in partnership with our clients and each other
  • Maintain a high-quality environment that attracts, retains and develops the best people
  • Contribute our talents and resources to serve the communities in which we live and work

Sectors Markets we operate in:

Introduction, Mortgages, Banking, HealthCare,  Market Data, Research, Events Analysis, Property or Real Estate, Debt Management,  Investment Banking, Full Technology, App Design, Printing – 3D, VR, Sales Trading, Trading Platforms, Commodities – Gold,  Music,  Sports,  Entertainment, Personal Development, Legal 500, Publishing, Security, Government, Temples.  Churches we Contribute to Charity we are Investors in People!

Full Technology Life Cycle / Market Data / Market Research / App Design / Social Media /Gold Trading / Rings / FX Trading / Property Trading Sourcing – Buy Rent Hold Bridge FS/ Good & Bad Banks/ Debt Mgt / Private Banking/  Cemap Cert/ Credit Facilities / Loans/ Legal 500 – Uk Courts Councils / Healthcare / Personal Trainers, Yoga, Reiki Masters / Relationship Coaches /Books / Music Creation / Film Production / Events / CV Writing / Career Advice/ Training / Education /Developments / Coaching /Mentoring / Accounts and Mgt / FCA Registered Personnel / Accountants/ GPS / Model Success/ Celebrity Book Signings Events / Book Writing/ Events / Dating Events / Government Campaigns / Charity Events / SIA Certifications / Networking Events / Branding / Merchandise / Referrals/ Help with Letter writing  documentation / Immigration/ Emigration / Harassment / Personal Injury / Un Fair Dismissal / Divorce / Marriage / Wills / Probate / Criminal Civil Law / Police Complaints/ Press Complaints / Ombudman Press /  FCA much more…

we add Value to you life…

Be Inspired ! Be Your Own Guru!  Be  Be It! See It! Do It! Be Well! Be Fit ! Be Free!

Training! Education! Empowerment!

Constant Never Ending Improvements!

We Speak JV Partners calling all Investors! We are Investors in People!



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Health ? Wealth? Happiness?

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Do you want to be in the top 1% of salary earning?

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What is the meaning of Job? – Just Over Broke!

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Want to lead an abundant life?

Want to learn about Bankruptcy Law?

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How to Suspend Bankruptcy?


Transfer Sell Assets for a £1 Bridge FS?

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Mis sold PPI? 

How Banks Courts FS People Screw You..Good Judges Bad Judges?McKenzie Partner?

Why Get a Barrister? Costs?

Trusts and Mental Health n Debts Law and Wills

Statue Barred Debt – get debt written off after 6 years -1980 law

Real Case Studies all in my book and workshop seminars out this year!

We can show you how to live life to the Full!

We Value Your Feedback:


Your opinions count. We appreciate your feedback and observations, as we looking to constantly improve our service to you. Pls fill in the following:

1. Which product / service did you purchase?

2. How would you rate the way your order was handled?

efficient? ok? poor?

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6. Any other comments?

https://heart-2-heartltd.co.uk/ Properties Debts Finance Books Events

Creosys Ltd – Full Technology  Events Books

Breakfastbarry Ltd – Health Fitness Nutrition Music Tarot Books Events


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16-17 February 2018 – London Olympia


Barry Gohil

Got 100k convert to 5million in 5 years £97 £197 6k mentoring, 20k events using Gold 8 strategies

Meet BB and be inspired

Bgohil Bsc Hons is best selling author of the Breakfastbarry story, mind body spirit books available on Amazon, a YMCA registered celebrity personal trainer, kettle bell trainer, tarot card reader, ex LA muscle sponsored athlete, athlete at WordPower Show, Uk bodypower ambassaador code 2406 lifetime  athlete at BodyPower, as seen in docklands newspaper, ilford recorder, mens, women’s health, predication magazine, muscle n fitness 2017, inside out series on Diabets on TV, he is spoke to million plus listeners on BBC Essex radio in 2008, he is also a property, finance guru as seen in Sunday Mirror, Derby, Bookers Press, and life coach. Meet BB and be inspired.


Connection facebook: breakfastbarry.com linkedin@ barry bhadresh gohil

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Coming this Year 2017 : 


 Front Cover Back Cover BB Book 7 Steps to FS Freedom out soon!






SEE Team BB BodyPower 2018 Anniversary 

SEE BB Speak at Wealth Riches Section Best You 2018 Be Inspired

Celebrity Personal Training Reiki Tarot Booking Signing Ilford Library 2017 see Team BB – Be Inspired 

15 June 2017 2.30 to 3.30 Ilford Library 

3rd July 2017 2.30 to 3.30 Ilford Library

Wednesday 26 July         2.30pm to 4pm

Saturday 26 August         2.30pm to 4pm

Saturday 9 September   2.30pm to 4pm

Saturday – stop the closure of King George – compliments Andy Walker 

Sunday 15th October – Fabula BB has 2 stalls Tarot Books Business 

November dates soon!

Email Account mgr: BB at barrygohilbsc@gmail.com


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Dodgy Agent Awards Lawyers Bankers eg RBS FS People Good Bad Judges out in this Year 2017 and 2018!  



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I am your Captain BB aka Barry Bhadresh Nalin Gohil Bsc Hons Business Information Systems HND City and Guilds Cemap ambassador of Bodypower code 2406 Bsc Hons BizInfoSystems, HND, MCP Cemap, Bloomberg Cert, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Yoga C0ach, Professional Property Coach as seen in Mens Health Mag, Women Health, Docklands, Derby Press, Sunday Press TV – Diabetes UK, BBC Essex Radio Radio, the author of two Books – Breakfast Barry Story and Mind Body Spirit, Events like Body Power, Comic Com, World Power Show , Erotica, Good Health Show, Vitality, Reiki Shows, GP Awards, Property Investor Show, House Building Show, RLA Events , Mortgage Expos, Mortgage Awards, and many many more shows Trade, Public, B2b, B2C World Wide….!


BB has worked for UEL,  JPMorganchase, Blackrock, ICL / Fujitsu, Standard Charter, Deutche, Wasserman, Met Police, UK Goverment, Haringay Council, Natwest / RBS Group, Piper Jaffray IB Bank, Capgemini FS, Sipcom Telecoms, Planet PLC Mitsui Bank  / AXA Investment Managers, Balfour / Cofleys , Xenon Group Alan sugars Place in Loughton Essex and many more..

..he has also created a property portfolio and had a 4 acre farm and off licence in Derby he has seen the up and downs of the credit crisis in 2008 which motivated him to write the BreakfastBarry Story and Mind Body Spirit Books, the primary driver for authoring and learning about Healing Systems was after seeing his father have a heart attack while working for JPMorganChase, Barry has been training for 10years and has held senior leadership Role he has has passion for learning and delivering results.  Be inspired, transform Now with Passion! 



Buddha BB in City of London, Barbican.

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