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need a website? wordpress? wix? youtube videos? cd covers? social media? need to write a book? merchandise printed? 

3rd printing / raspberry pi in ilford library / ecards

Congratulations! Dear Bhadresh, We are excited to offer you a Google Developer Challenge Scholarship to theMobile Web Specialist track. We received applications from many talented and motivated candidates, and yours truly stood out. Share your good news!First, click here to save a copy of your Scholarship badge, then post it to your favorite social networks with the hashtag #GoogleUdacityScholars. worked with CEO Barry Angel  at JpMorganChase nice guy

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iso 900 2015 consultant , breath work consultant , research, root cause analysis – award winning day rate £300 referal £70 quid email – Gurmit key person call 0208 215 3048

Earn £120 £150 £280 £300 per day  in Desktop Roles as Contractor  Im Mgt 70k  Perm Infra Roles 65upwards in ITIL Roles PM Roles £500 per day more your learn the more your grow and Learn with BB ! 

Creosys Ltd – Full Technology Company – Product Services PKD Out Soon! 

Apps out soon: Top Dog Contractor for employees and employers , Rate Your Gym, Customer Service Rating, Property Apps, Gym Work Out Application for all mobile phones..user friendly …watch this space..

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We can help you complain with the legal 500..and more…employment lawyers

We can help you write the CEOs etc to improve their process

Creosys Ltd Company

Number 07050475




CV (Course of life)

Barry (Bhadresh)  Gohil  Bsc Hons, HND, City and Guilds, MCP, Apple,  Cisco, Citrix,  Bloomberg,  RLA Full IT Life Cycle ITIL on ITIL Support 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days.


Banking, Trading Environments, Property, Media, Schools, Universities, Government, Police, Libraries, Training , Education, Multiple Awards Winner, PC/ Apps Installations, Rollouts, De-comms, Re-comms, Full Market Data : Reuters,  Bloomberg Certified, Fedissa, Excel Addins, 123rd line, Full Infra Support, 24hr Datacentre Support, Solar Winds, Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Sky, Dell, HP, Samsung, Vertex, VM Aware, Citrix , Cloud, Voip Systems, Nice – phone recording, Apple products ipads,  iphones, Windows support 7 8 10,Windows updates VR, cloud computing AWS, Microsoft, Amazon, EBay, Raspberry PI, PC Laptop Builds, SSCM Builds Deployments, Manual builds, Cabling And Mgt , IT Relocations, Build out of new areas,  Project Mgt, Customer care, Cost Cutting, Management, Leadership, ITIL based environment, Social Media Skills, Websites Creation Mgt Support CRMS, VR, Raspberry PI, 3d Printing, Printer Support Mgt Printer Q Creation Mgt, Webinars, RC tools: Tivoli, ip, admin rights, VNC, Team Viewer, LANDesk, SSCM, Virus checker, File conversions, encryption, virus’s, Malware, RSA admin, Active directory mgt, Scripting, Registry, VB, Epos installation and training, Chip Pin machines.


I have worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years  in the Banking, Property, Media, Telecoms, Charity, as a leader, manager, teacher, trainer, administrator, manager, 1,2,3 desktop technician, software(web design/ apps/games)  and database developer typically in ITIL based environments. I always focus on teamwork, achieve high quality results and prefer challenging tasks that enhance a service or product through a can do it attitude.

I have won awards at Piper Jaffa ray, ICL, JpmorgaChase Bank for Service Delivery and outstanding customer service, and add value to companies by getting relevant industry related certifications.  I am Bloomberg, Citrix, Cisco, Fraud Bribery, Investment Banking, Compliance and Handing  Difficult Situations and have a certification in handing heavy object – back care as well a Health and Safety.

I would describe my- self as highly energetic self motivated IT consultant with a passion to deliver and add value to any company coming from a mind set of constant and never ending improvements.

I am also affiliated to Best You –the  Personnel development  people  and am  the next influencer like Tony Robbins, Bob Procter, Jason Vale, Jason Wickes, Zoella and many more.

With a career spanning over 10 years Barry has worked in Roles such as:
Senior Trade Floor Support
Senior Desktop Support
Remote Desktop Support
Service Request Engineer/ Moves/ Add/ Change Team
Senior / Service Desk Analyst / Helpdesk
Proximity / Infrastructure Engineer
Infrastructure Support Analyst
1st/2nd/3rd Desktop Support
Lead Consultant
IT Consultant
Technical Support Engineer and
Management Roles.

Roll outs/ Project Mgt

IT relcations

Awards :
PJC Leadership Crp Sup Team – Perform Jck 2016 – Thks to S. Quant CIO, SWiseman PJC
Rex Hale auth. CCIE gifted Cisco Interworking Book
USA Lotto4$2$ TFloor Bet – Matt Walters
ICL2 Bronze Awards..
JPMorganChase for Exceeding Expect,Leadership,Targets (SLA’s)
Outstanding Cust Service.


Personal Details:

Lan Line: 0208 215 3048
Mobile: 07469945067
Skype: bhadresh.gohil28

UK Passport Holder

Full UK Driving license



Tech Certs :

Service Champions Course

Biz Inf. Sys. Bsc (Hons) Degree
CnG  Pc Support Electronics Servicing
HND Computer ~sutdues
Apple Osx Apps iphones, ippads

Banking and FS Certs:
Bloomberg Certs x2 London API connection and Mobile Support 92% and London Desktop Essentails / Network 78%
IB&PBanking Compliance Cert
Fraud Detection and Bribery
Dealing with difficult situations

Prop N Mortg,B2Lets FS Freedom:
Cemap 123 mortgages loans banks industry
Academy of Relationship coaching – in training



Website Site Creatror Administrator Manager Desktop Support at Breakfastbarry

July 2016  –  Present


Creating customer value, How to identify waste with your company, Key performance indicators, How to stream line a process of continuous improvement, Creating a culture of continuous improvements


Skills: website creation of websites  Word press, CRMS, Hardware / Software support, wifi infra support upgrade, file conversions, YouTube videos, social media skills: facebook, twitter, instgram, skpe, linkedin, Pc cameras, webcams, robot making, raspberry PI, virtual reality, 3rd printing, voip, , ipad, iphone repairs, Software Support :  Highly customer focused,  Account mgt Microsoft products, Office 365, Windows OS 7, 8, 10, Bloomberg, Solar Winds, Networking, Active Directory mgt, Apple products, OSx, app design, Python, teaching people from all walks of life beginner, medium, advanced of Technology, Full AV support, printing solutions mgt , server management support, unix, datacenter support racking Risk Mgt Planning,  vertex, dell, cisco switches, cisco meraki, juniper, upgrades, sky boxes, voice switches products, Mobile products mgt, Data carriers, cabling, new installs pcs, screens, new build out areas, decom, recomms, IT relocations, Project management, Remote connection, VPN, Active directory management of users and objects, de-comms, re-comms, cost saving, management of call stats, developing documentation, training manuals, add to fix database, communication, dealing with VIPs.. RC Tools: WebEx,, LanDesk, TeamViewer, LogmeIn, MSTSC, Windows/Linux server, OSX, Mac, Active Directory, IIS, CD creation, Book creation, Supplier mgt eg Insight etc, UPS, FMCS lision with 3rd parties mgt Vip much more…

Events:  Knect 356 awards, icloud, datacenter, apps events at Excel.5g etc..



Tech Supp Mgt and Datacentre Mgt , Lon Zur.Piper Jaffray via Networkers MSB Unisys

February 2015 – Present (1 year 7 months)Lond, Zurich, Minneapolis, NYC, Chicago, La – 24 Sun Support Model ITIL


Piper Jaffray is a leading full-service investment bank and asset management firm serving clients in the U.S. and internationally.See
IT mgt of Lon Zur sites:
Corp Acc
Rd Shows
Events Analysis
Lon Zur Data Centers
Inv Banking: Consumer, (Tech, Media, Telecoms), Healthcare, Research

Dealing with Snr VIP Heads of Equity Sales, HR, MD, Head Funds, Head of Analysts
Acct Mgt
Flt \ IM Mgt
Req TRS Procing & Mgt of Starters/ Leavers
ITAMS (Oracle Fus) Inv
Mgt Stat Rep’ing
Simmons Mig Work
Tfloor Refresh PCa, Speakerbus’s

Support \ Mgt \ Account mgt of:
SSCM v12
Win 7, 8, Ms Office v10, Syman E.
PC Trends,Bit locker, Luminsons
Loveno Desktop, Ltps (& Apple)
IE201011, Chrome
Active Directory
Syke (Lync)
BES Admin
Iphone and Mobiletron
VPN RSA (H ./Soft) Pulse
Aurba Wifi Admin Sup
Shoretel Voip
Jabra, GNS
Prt mgt,
Srv / clt updates.

MDSup of:
T Reuters,
Hoot, Wave,
BD Vision,

DC Support:
Juniper Sw,
Shortel Sw
Cisco Rtrs,
River Bed,
Dell Svrs
Asset Inv Sys
Media Svrs.
Hoot,Spk Gway
Full Net Upgr Cisco, Wifi, Raritan, PDU.

Wkend wrk:
Power Down
Infra Chges (eg Juniper Fwall Replacement, Server / Router Installs, SSL VPN Insts, Colt., Add.Port, Internet Upgr, Wifi Upgr, VTRX, Net upgr

Sug for improving (biz, tech) esc with :
key stakeholders, MDs
quick fault esc,res,
vendor liaisons
account mgr. etc..
assisting with site survey of build out of office eg Research tech, daily conf calls, processing of faults, requests, infra change projects…capacity planning, eg add ports, net mig. Level 3 to Cent Link./ Colt

Quick to engage, comms issues eg Blp, Fidessa, Routing Iss 17/04/2015.
IM raising
Rel. building
Liaison rez 3rd Party Vendors
Best Place to Work Rating 20/10


Companies Worked for:

Capgemini – Head Office – Holborn – Senior Desktop Support VIPS  laision with Manila Hub

Your store – family buisness Epos installation desktop Support Training – Desktop support – Derby

Balfour Betty /  Cofleys – Head office- Angel Station – Desktop Support – multi sites  univ nhs sites etc

Wasserman Media – Soho – Infra support

Natmags- Apple support  Soho


Met Police via Networkers             – Desktop Support multi site

UK Government – Eland House, Victoria – Desktop Support

ICL Fujistu at Standcarther Deautche, Barclays Bank – City locations – Desktop Support Projects – won awards

Planet PLC – Mitusui Banks , Axa Investment mgr – Headoffice and sites

Barclays Bank – Canary Wharf –Desktop Support

Natwest Bank – cashier – Derby Headoffice training for Cemap

Blackrock – via Networkers –Seniors  Trade Floor Team of three

Cannon – Romford – Desktop Support

Sipcom at Alan Sugar Site – Telecoms VOIP Desktop Support , Datacentre Support, Pc Builds via USB Sticks

JpMorgan Chase 11 years – Award Winner – Remote Support, Desktop Support, Rolls Outs,  Decoms Builds, Training, Remedy Administrator multi site support

University of East London                    – Tech Support of users documentation etc


Available on request


BB has Teamed up with Emrex Ceo Taj Momin to design HR , Property Applications, Health applications out this year also we can source DVD solution book publishing solutions in Asia print design email Personal Trainer Author IT Consultant and Property Guru see 2018 speak at Best You and Body Power 2018 Rieki Tarot PT and much much more..learn grow expand…love BB BB property portal website out this year with links to zoopla right move etc social media…xxxrealise the power of partnership lol xxx Team BB


Celebrity Personal Training Reiki Tarot Booking Signing Ilford Library 2017 see Team BB – Be Inspired 

15 June 2017 2.30 to 3.30 Ilford Library 

3rd July 2017 2.30 to 3.30 Ilford Library

Email Account mgr: BB at

Subscribe to BB youtube channel – Barry Gohil 5000 plus view, facebook 4000 plus, linked in 3000 plus top 8%  Barry Gohil Bsc Hons as seen in WorldPower Show, Best You Show, Waterstone, Department of Health, TV Radio, Music Producer, Author,.25 certification over 17 jobs!  Be Inspired!



Awards from Zumba Trainer from the Heart, Nuffield Gym:


BB at :  – 14th June 2017

Awards from Recent Completed Role Piper Jaffray IB Bank

88 Wood Street
13th Floor
London, UK EC2V 7RS

Thanks to  Sam Wiseman, Senior HR Partner (for Pure Gym Bag – ex Nuffield Studio Instructor ex JpMorgan Senior Manager – gave Sam HR feedback even though I was a CONTRACTOR which resulted in Added Value and an un productive staff member leaving), Matt Walters (USA Trade Floor – Won a Trade Floor with him), Rex Hale CCIE  (Won the Lottery with Rex and he gave me his Cisco book he is a CCIE and his kind words in his book) and Gordon Rambose, Bee Haa and his wife from NYC I gave them a quick tour of London! (on FaceBook)

Thanks to Neil Mackison -Healthcare MD, Marc Ruddle- MD Sales and Trading,  for giving me  an office at 88 Wood Street within 3 months of starting in the Role. PJC have had several bad experiences with Engineers.

( I can tell the funny stories haha.) and Alan Healy – Sales and Trading PJC for giving book called Where Does it Hurt, the Punch Bag and BullShit detector! Boy, he can be a pain in the backside!. (Quick get the Customer Service Skills out!)

Thank you to Shawn Quant CIO, Brenda  for the PJC award – Performance Jacket – as A CONTRACTOR I loved the PJC values what the company stands for. 

I would like to thank Ben Luckhurt, Account Manager of Bloomberg, I managed to secure 2 Bloomberg Technology Certifications to add value to the PJC Business.  Scores: 92 API and Con and 78 Desktop Essential and Network! We laughed about what went on haha! 

I would like  thank GOD for bringing me to such a Blessed place where I have met many good people and ENJOYED my work..and had many many LAUGHS!

Work and Play Hard! It was like JpMorgan BlackRock but BETTER ( All in My Book- BreakfastBarry Story!) Defy Odds! Get! Mind Body Spirit) Book and transform with Passion! )

Thank you ALL for inviting me the to ALL  PJC Company Events in Slug and Lettuce, Bread Street, Trading House and to the Barbican to see the Stars Film which affected my Jedi Power – too much drinking and partying with the IB / Sales Teams haha funny!:)

I would like  to thanks Mike Gorman Vp Sales Equities Trader and LAX Gym goer for reading my book Breakfast Barry Story, and  Simon Litchfield (- Sales Trader from anthoer bank where I used to work at too haha – Small World!)  for buying the Fit Ball and losing weight ! (Breakfast Barry’s Life Saver in Action) !  He has lost Belly Fat and is looking Good! I also keep in with Alberto :) He knows all the JPMorgan People like me!Like Courtney Charles.

And mostly  IMPORTANTLY ANGEL NICOLA WILLIAMS  in Sales and Trading for making all the Nutri Bullets which inspired me the create the BB Bottle!  See front page).  MISSING YOU AND YOUR DRINKS! EMail me the SECRET RECEPES AS DOING ROADSHOWS!







Thanks you also to Kari Reich USA Desktop Manager  who told to GET ON WITH IT and to TRUST my INTUITION and Corey West – Senior PJC Manager in USA , he as well as Dan and  Rex were amazed at my ENERGY. Emc = 2 Bruce Lee! haha!  

My contract required for  all works to be done within 4 hrs but like Bruce Lee I was knocking things out in 2 seconds flat haha! Power of the Jedi! Help coming at 5:30am ! haha My work times were 8 to 4:30 lol:)




I would like to thank  Lucie , Bruno, Otmar in Zurich and Rossana Bird in Research who voted for the Bird Party in UK haha and Christine Escklestone – MD of HR PJC USA who is into Core Yoga said  loved my ENTHUSIASM re EMPLOYEE TRUST  INDEX FEEDBACK and mostly importantly to Andrew Duff CEO and  leader of such and amazing company based on entrepreneurial get up and GO Values…SEE Their Website!

Every time  Neil would passed my Office walking most times  I would have BIG SMILE and I would say Neil ‘Where is the LOVE eh? ‘ Neil MD would reply : Barry there isn’t any ! I think he is RIGHT!  


I would like to thank Dr Greame, Asmae Ridali, Julie Wright of IB! I can do your research stuff in 2 seconds flat…as I was originally training to be a pharmacist and I am REPS Registered PT- Knowledge is MY POWER!




 The more you learn my more you grow it is all about EXPERIENCE!

image1 (4)




Cuisco CCIE


  image1 (3)

From Tony Bon- Fig MD  who saved JPMorgan Millions by consolidating most locations into Remote Desktop Support – got many of these!


image1 (1)




image1 (1)

Black Rock Asset Managers


ICL Technology Awards



ICL Awards







Microsoft Certifications- Bill Gates


Help Desk User Training ICL/ BZW / Barclays Wealth , Canary Wharf, London





Cisco ICND1 / Citrix Presentation Server 4 – JPMorganChase – loved the 60 hrs weeks!




Manual Handling Course at PJC- Watch Your Back!


Head Boy, T.S.B Public Spirit, Art Trophy’s from Raphael School, Romford, Essex.

schools awards

offy apolo






and many many more….

Personal Training YMCA L123



 Kettle Bells




 Tai Chi – inhand