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Escape the Rat Race!  or 9 to 5 ! by B.Gohil Bsc Hons


About B Gohil

Barry (Bhadresh) Nalin Gohil is BSc (Hons)  HND, MCP, Bsc Hons Business Information Systems, Cisco, Bloomberg, Webmaster, Internet Marketer, Music Licence Holder, Alcohol Licence Holder, Asc Registered International Speaker, Property Investor / Coach, Debts, Cemap 123 Cert, PCO, SIA, CSSCS Cert, Legal 500, is a Group Cycle Coach, Celebrity YMCA, KRI Personal Trainer- Astro, Yoga, Kettle Bells, and Angelic Reiki master, Tarot Reader and is the Author of the Breakfast Barry Story, Mind Body Spirit books.  He is an ascended master – experienced the ascension process in 2012.

He has had  book signings in Waterstones and Ilford Library in London, Essex. 

He has featured in several international publications: Men’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health, Prediction Magazine, Ilford Recorder, Sunday Mirror, Derby, Booker Press, Docklands Newspaper, Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Fitness First Press, BBC Essex Radio – Inside out series on Diabetes on BBC TV.  He has won the Mens Health Fat Burners Award.

He was invited to Department of Health and has been to events like Body Power, Good Health Show, Comic Com, Property Investor / FS Shows, Vitality, B Fit Expo, World Power Show with Mike  Tindel MBE, Frank Bruno MBE, Ronnie Coleman, Frank Madrano,  Best You Expo, Be Fit London, SpeakerAreLeaders and many more events…  

He has worked for Top Banks, Media Companies, the Police, Government, Computer companies, Property Companies and many more organisations. 

He has meet Vernon Hill Ceo of Metro Bank -Vernon W. Hill II (born August 18, 1945) is an American businessman, the founder and chairman of Metro Bank, a UK retail bank with 48 stores, and assets of £7.4b ($10.6b). He is also the founder, former chairman, president and CEO of Commerce Bancorp of Cherry Hill, New Jersey and chairman of Fetch Inc. (aka Pet Plan North America).and his Wife,  Vicky, Linda Blackwell FCA Mortgages Leader, George Osborne at BlackRock, Rothschilds in JPMorganChase Bank, met Poirot- TV Star, Big Brother, Chris Meek, Fuja ~Singh, Obes, Cbes many many people…the only way is Essex!

Barry Gohil has lived in Africa, UK, USA, and has extensively traveled to Europe and the Far East.

Barry Gohil lives in Ilford, Essex, London, UK. 

His life transformed when he saw his dad have a heart attack which led him to write books, to empower, educate people, transform lives. – see Gallery – Property Site – WealthAcademy

 Love BB Barry !  Learn,  Grow,  Expand!



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