BB Branding Services

BB Branding Services

  • Website Design from £500 plus 

  • You Tube Videos £100 per Video

  • Get Your Site Ranked number one in YouTube and Google Page!

  • Banner Design for Events 

  • Getting you stalls at exclusive events from £400 to 4k!

  • Brand By Association Services with Celebrities and My Self

  • PC Training Courses

  • Twitter Training Course

  • Instagram Training Course

  • Facebook Training Course

  • App Design 

  • Linkedin Training

  • Music Cover Design

  • Music Production – Music Licence Holder!

  • Company Setup, Institute of Directors memberships..

  • Partnership Set Up

  • Sole Trading!

  • PDQ Machines!

  • Leafleting Flyering Design and Printing

  • Book Cover Design and Printing

  • Book Acknowledgements and Endorsement by me

  • Press Reviews

  • Journalist Contacts

  • Help with Getting Your Articles Books in Press Gracia, Muscle and Fitness etc

  • Gift Merchandise Design and much more!

  • BB Speaker Training Courses and Story Telling! XYZ!

  • Events Organizing  

  • 3 -4 Prices Offers 

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