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TIP :  Your IFAs,  legals,  courts, network etc should be contacting you regularly daily if case need be  if they are NOT they are not in your Team !




Escape The Rat Race: Vanish Patel, How To Raise Property Joint Venture Finance! – Invest for Freedom Choice Profit 

We are here to help! Homeless Advice!

Nominate Barry for the Best Landlords Awarlogo Heart 2 heart 2d! 


Nalin and B.Gohil Bsc Hons are now FCA Reps need Mortgage? Trust? Will? Financial Game Plan? Reduce Eliminate Debts? Insurance? Contact Us! 

Celebrity PT – Latest News: 

17 /11/2018 seeking houses to sale. rent 2  rent, hmos, land etc jv, properties off market..we source , renovate and provide training and more…!

01/11/2018 – Accountants : Sokhi and Associates Cert accountants – Ranjit Sokhi FCCA 0208 478 4430 re Tax Code Sa302 appointed!

17/10/2018 – Seeking  Off Market Properties to Buy and Sell …for Cash Buyers!

17/10/2018 . Neil at David Farani Taylor dealing with Property Matters and Legal Matters!

15/09/2018 BNG Property Services coming soon! – Property Inventories, Carpets, Boilers, Locks, Pest Control, Van Hire, Removal Waste Disposal, Moves and Changes …

03/09/2018 BB Property Millionaire Training Academy being worked on – facebook lives, webinars!

03/09/2018 Bridging Companies Sought!

14/08/2018 Michael and Colin Chamberlains engaged to Annul Bankruptcy Order and got RJ Bell has organised CASH BUYERS. Colin and Shoo-smiths emailed.

28 29 th 07 2018

26/07/2018 – Seeking JV partners for Property / Property Deals – Get Waste Licence!

26/07/2018 – Sokhi n Associates FFCA Accountants Engaged – SA1 tax return from 1.5.16 

Assisting KKaur re rents losses and with moves and changes landlady in Ilford! Man Van Hire £15.00 sa302 2 years accounts

25/07/2018 RJ Bell Engaged re Derby Property – 6k Circa renovation costs – Shop re- sold for 115k re – renovated for 20k and 2 flats made – and shop floor- total rentals 1800k pcm

Star Date: 24 /07 /2018 Book: Escape the Rat Race by B.Gohil Bsc Hons out soon! PPT Slides Done! Call email to request !

Tip: ‘Work 5 hours a week take 1 thing and put 3% of energy into it to get 97% of results!’  Work 5 hours a week to secure Property Deals! Spend the rest of the time realizing your passions! 3HO!  eg Writing, Travel, Family, Friends, Health! Empower Train Others!

23/07/2018 – working with RJ Bell Properties Events Books Presentation Slides – Escape the Rat Race! by B Gohil Bsc Hons

21/07/2018 Got Car 700 quid, disputing BOrder and Charges with Legal 500!

02/07/2018  – Gift of Deed, JV Contracts, Rent 2 Rents! Trusts, Wills, Probate!

21 – 06 – 2018 –

21 – 06 – 2018 –

08/06/2018 – current – See Michael / Margret Chamberlain Kings Cross to prove Solvency / Do IVA / Annul Bankruptcy Order!

06/06/2018 – wrote to Mazzars – recorded with dates time to discuss / resolve FS matters-  properties being valued by auction houses!

06/06/ 2018 sorted Ian Bent’s Oyster!  to chase Redbridge Council re 5K from Ian – HB instructed 11.59 am 23 05 2018 ifa Express estates 

For Sale 0203 633 5138

Winnie Hassan – Property Inventory Guru 07508066556 – Edward Duthie Engaged to set aside order order prove Solvency ..Sold one house to Ross IFA Express Agency who also worked with Debt Line Uk in Manchester! sell items here 

Housing Law / Accomodation / Repossession/ Arrears / Eivictions / Court Rep / Dis repairs affecting Health / Identify Dodgy Landlord etc / SRA / Ctax etc Call 0203 823 1010 got 2k for stock shares investment?  

Chris ifa Insurances 0797365694


Download (PDF, Unknown)


deal wow

jpmorganchase   Tiago Ramos – 07951122249

Property Deals Rentals Debt Case Studies

Education Media Awards –

Get your Gold Ticket Now Worth £500!

deal wow

Register for Property Webinars on Facebook  live with Breakfastbarry in 2018

 At Harris Fowler we understand that making a claim can seem daunting and you may have concerns about who you are claiming against and who pays. We have over 20 years of experience in personal injury and medical negligence claims and are one of the leading Personal Injury Solicitor Firms so you have nothing to worry about. Our expert lawyers will take the stress out of claiming and ensure that you receive the best possible compensation including treatment, care and support. Related Information Testimonials Using Harris Fowler Compensation calculator Meeting The majority of our work is undertaken on a No Win No Fee basis meaning that if you lose you don’t pay and if you win the Defendants will also pay the majority if not all of your costs.

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Lawyers Service 2017-18 Option 1
Spinal Injuries Association Corporate Partner
Natwest Blast T20
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
Solicitors Regulation Authority
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Our experienced and very helpful Legal Claims Advisors are ready to offer you the advice you need whether you’re ready to make a claim, just want general advice, or you are unsure about an ongoing claim and you’d like a second opinion.

Simply call us now on Freephone 0800 213 214 or

ps do not bank with Natwest they are CRAP !Spread the Word ! glad they are closing branches with loss of jobs the bastards they refused to take charging order Kamil I hope u lose your fucking Job …i will be writing to the Queen and FCA MPS Hester Fester the and Teresa May BASTARDS lol  

call 0208 215 3048 mobile  07543889407 rez: 

Rich List 2017: Six surprising ways to make money

BB with Bernardo Mayo Ceo of Best You Expo 2018

berando mayo bestyou

Know Your Why? Freedom! 

Why Property? The Stats …

Art of Saving!

Debts and Mental Health Law 

Vulnerable Adults Money and Property 

Setting Property Goals in 2018,

 Solicitor undertaking re ctax arrears


Creative FS, Know Your Customer ,

Professional Bodies ARLA, RLA, PRS, Ombudsman, 

Property Cycles, The Recessions,

NI Contributions, Working Tax Credits,

Insurance for Loss of Rents,

Residential,  Commercial, 

Buy to Let, Lease Options, Lease Extensions

Rent to Rent, Room Rents, Air B N B, No Money Down, HMOs

Property Flipping, Property Renovation and Re Sales,

Buying Repos, Dealing with Receivers, Auctions, Cleaning,

Sale and Rent Back, HMOS for 500 plus profit, Air B n B, Tile Splits, Joint Team Mortgages, No Money Down Techniques… Delayed Completions…

Property Charges, Debt Management, The SRA – what are they? Claiming Money from SRA!

Use of  Property Sourcing, Builds, Planning, Arrears Management, Property and Divorce Law,

Cash Purchase,  Cash Flow Management, Insolvency  (eg_ Cash and Asset) ,

Tenant- Landlord Law, Trading Standards, Legal 500 and more…..

Dealing with Councils, Council Tax, Trading Standards, Courts, Targeting Motivated Sellers, Buyers, Art of Negotiation and more…

Property Inventories, Charging Orders, Builders and Property Standards, Health and Safety, Helping the Homeless, Raising Deposits and Credit Checks individual and company, Insurances…

Contract Law and more….

Accounts mgt, Trade Press, Dealing with Gas Electricity Suppliers etc,

Real Interviews Case Studies….My Story…

use of  Tech Portals to Buy Sell Source Deals..

Property Events, Mortgages Tables, Affordability, Doing Asset Liabilities,

How to Get /unlimited Credit Facilities, Enforcement Notices, Statutory Demands..

Your Risk Reward Model, User of quick Books , My Wealth Network, Spiritual Tools,

Divorce Law, Tenants in Common, Insolvency, HMRC, Money Saving Expert..

Getting Properties for FREE..Rent to Rent , Service Apartments, How to Market Flyers and Leaflets

Vouchers , Fiends who Elevate, Motivate..Your Trust team ..more …

use of social media…making Property Videos Before , My Story and Property Books Seminars and DVDS…

How to Annul a Bankruptcy Order/ IVAs and more..Cash Buyers etc

Property Networking and Events local and in UK


Be the Next Property Millionaire with Team   BB



How to Annul Bankruptcy – coming soon ! Get Tape Transcripts etc 

How Bankruptcy works – Realities uk Law insolvency Law LTD Cos


Barry Gohil Mortgage Introduction Services need a mortgage? commercial residential? buy to let? good ? bad credit? separated? married? divorced? property sourcing …need a bridge?…more we can help…email 02082153048  want to write a book with book BB? Vip package 2k Bronze500£ Silver 1K training mentoring provided …

Mortgage Training coming soon!

– Cemap, CeReR, CMACert

 Heart 2 Heart Ldt Limited- Website coming soon!

HMRC and FreeAgent joint webinar – record keeping for small business owners

GOLD (XAU/USD) – Hot & Spicy Levels – MMMM Trading Signal – Free – Short Sell GOLD (XAU/USD) First Entry Price 1350.50 Invest Style – Don’t over expose your portfolio with much Risk First Target: 1307.50 MID Term – within (15 – 45 Trading Days) Date: 07.09.2017 / GMT 20:56 ** Be Cool with Charlie’s Call ** Signal Details available on

Present on Stage with Success Resources NAC meet Virgin Boss and The Greats! Give Out Awards to Dodgy Agents and Banks! 

Be Inspired what will happen next? Realties of a Property Investor 2017-8

London on Sunday 8th July 2018.- Talk and Present with Others get Stall Write Property Book ASAP Pitch ASAP 
I am holding my third Creating Women in Business event and there will be speakers from various backgrounds including: 
• Social media marketing 
• Public speaking to build your brand as an expert 
• Business start–up coaching 
• Branding strategy 
• Inspirational and empowering personal stories
• Investing in property and other assets 
• How to become an expert in 90 days and speak on stage 
…and much more! These professionals will be providing amazing value to a packed audience. 

TIP: Learning : Your IFAs,  legal courts etc should be contacting you regularly daily if case need be  if NOT they are not in your Team !

Baker Street Property Meet  

Next Event: Wed  May 23rd

Talk #1: Three Ways To Structure Your Next Property Deal For A Successful Crowd Fund Raise

Thor Portess – Co-founder, Crowd With Us

Talk #2: How I Raised £1m Through Crowd Funding For My Property Development Projects

Thomas Knust – Experienced Developer & Investor

Event: The Baker Street Property Meet (Monthly networking event)
When: Wed, 23rd May 2018, 6pm to 10pm
Where: Holiday Inn, Carburton Street, London W1W 5EE (Tube Gt Portland St)
What: – How To Finance Your Property Deals Using Crowdfunding
With: Thor Portess, Thomas Knust & Ranjan Bhattacharya
Places: Tickets are selling fast and are limited to 200 seats. {Just 71 Places Remain)

 15th Tuesday  May 2018 helped Ian B with reclaiming expenses from agency that he worked for – got treated to beers and food. Met investors cash buyers re Natwest. Met Earl in Ken and Chelsea property magnate FS Free wearing Ralph Lauren – aka Prince – who knows Sharon Stone and DHoffman! lol 

 Monday 14 th May 2018 Help Ms Wong my neighbor with Disability Papers she cannot  speak English also chase Ians HB do Legals make new Biz cards pay mortgages legals …be free ! …lol xxx Get testimonils from Ian Harron and write Book with Bloomberg Certificate property experience and make DVDS asap 

Send Mazzers CVS and Certificates and get GP Medical Records get PB with Metro Bank ! lol 14th May 2018

13 th May 2018 Property Investor Show ! seeking CASH Buyers Investor JVS…

Also confidential lol and church with Winnie Nick Dimitri…CRC London! JV with mates! 

Got unlimited Cinema pass saw Break in… Life of Party… Baaghi 2 Not Out with mates…Good to be Be Free with Team BB from the Matrix ! 

05/05/2018 Taxi PCO course from 11:00am get car and do uber! earn 200 per day 4k per month 1 in Ilford only got cleints

04/05/2018 Property Networking Event 04 05 2018 free Pizza! compliments Winnie!

04 05 2018 – Seeing IFA re Bridge FS on Tuesday after Bank Holiday – pending 

04 05 2018 SRA Claim 2k-  in progress – claim re SJ Solitors got ref number

04 05 2018 – Soliticitors AH Solitors engaged re ctax arrears 0203 540 7221

04 05 2018 – Helped Harron – Bipolar re housing issues in Redbridge exposed Suki dody landlord doing rent to rent taking his money- Harron gave BB hat and tie and money for helping him out Barry advised Harron to document and not to love out of Chester Road ilford…landlord running illegal HMO Rent 2 Rent home..harrasing Harron for 50 quid and rents etc…

04 05 2018 – Barry helped Ian re job – 2days work under 16 hours – Ian happy- Barry doing his over  60 Oyster application !

April 2018 – found cash buyers also looking into Annulling Order  and NOT selling as order is  unfair – seeking Property Manager Work! 

27 th Feb 2018 meeting Trading Standard – Who need Time Line of Events – Insolvency Guru to Clear FS Area do IVA etc..seeking CASH Buyers to pay of Natwest 80k Fast…in progress! 

Ian Robert Bent age 62  living at Flat 41A repaired now claiming HB valued 278k now in ilford, got his passport from p60 from dodgy landlord Mr Bala 2 St Thomas Gardens who is taking cash running illegal HMO – Council to pay 2400k in Rents in 2018 

15th Feb 2018 Romford County – Judge Kemp – Dipak n Nalin Gohil – Bankruptcy Order Suspended for 8  months time given to sort FS House in 2018 

09/11/2017 Nuffy order pay all Natwest neg debt with all others, write books, learn grow, expand.

26th October 2017 B.Gohil vs Shoosmith Natwest Bank 10am Romford Coiunty Essex  co Kharkar Law Steve and Guram –  – Time to Fight! should taken  Barrister  to pay Kharkar Law £1600 to get back 7k from Wentworth Estates had bad judge FS guy did not bring papers come prepared came as McKenzie friend . Learning: Take barrister

Court Date B.Gohil vs Wentworth owing 7k 13 September 2017 10am Romford county Essex co Steve and Guram Barrister Engaged –  cancelled they paid 600 quid chasing 7k to pay 1600K to Kharkar Law.

SJ Solicitors got done for SRA fraud – need to get back £1600 in compensation greed does not pay.

Imran Ijaz owes 20k bankruptcy order in place by BB …


BB Property Website Coming Soon! 

 member of


Tenancy Deposit Scheme

 54 Empress Avenue, Ilford Essex, IG1 3DD

-Houses, flats in Ilford, Derby, Dagenham available to rent!

– near town centre, gyms, shops, parks, school etc

– excellent transport links

– cross rail new development coming soon

– metro bank coming Sept 2017

Property Courses Webinars Gifts CDS much more coming in 2017

–  we do property boards websites online campaigns

– register for BB Events Talks Seminars 



Team BB Property Services RLA Registered and other:

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Barry Gohil Got 100k convert to 5million in 5 years using 8 strategies

£97 £197 6k mentoring 20k events


Meet BB and be inspired

Bgohil Bsc Hons is best selling author of the Breakfastbarry story, mind body spirit books available on Amazon, a YMCA registered celebrity personal trainer, kettle bell trainer, tarot card reader, ex LA muscle sponsored athlete, athlete at WordPower Show, Uk bodypower 2017 athlete at BodyPower, as seen in docklands newspaper, ilford recorder, mens, women’s health, predication magazine, muscle n fitness 2017, inside out series on Diabets on TV, he is spoke to million plus listeners on BBC Essex radio in 2008, he is also a property, finance guru as seen in Sunday Mirror, Derby, Bookers Press, and life coach. Meet BB and be inspired.

Got 100k equity I can make you 5 million in 5 years using my 8 strategies

£97 £197 £300 £6k mentoring, 20k



Follow linkedin barry bhadresh gohil  facebook: breakfastbarry.

Coming 2017 BB Realities of a Property Millionaire Book –

7step steps to FS Freedom from the Rat Race…coming this year….:




Celebrity Personal Training Reiki Tarot Booking Signing Ilford Library 2017 see Team BB – Be Inspired 

15 June 2017 2.30 to 3.30 Ilford Library 

3rd July 2017 2.30 to 3.30 Ilford Library

Saturday 26 August         2.30pm to 4pm

Saturday 9 September   2.30pm to 4pm

Sunday 15th October 2017 Fabula 11 to 4pm

November the 4th 2017

Email Account mgr: BB at

Buy in Ltd Company or Personal Name? Tax implications..

Good Bad Agents What to Look for?

Access to FCA Mortgage Providers

Legal 500 won awards from number 10, Barrister 

Secured Loans Unsecured Loans

Registering CCJS Defaults

Bridge FS

Property Videos Training CoachingRent Arrears , Section 21

Property Sourcing using Internet in person Residential , Rent to Rent, Buy to Let, Holiday Lets, Lease Options, Shops, Units, Help to Buy

Student, Corp Lettings, air B n B, Land, Developments

Prohibition Orders, Community Protection,  Enforcement Notices eh Home Improvement

Barristers / Solicitors / Legal 500

Press Releases / Ads / Agency Boards

UK Courts and Councils

Team Building Leadership

Fiance Skills: Creative FS Cards loans friends family Build Finance Bridges HMOS etc

JV Partnering

Dealing with Receivers Repossessions Possession Order Courts Bailiffs Councils

Financial Wealth Planning and Mgt

Tax UK Law Inheritance 

Will Probate Intestacy 

Power of Attorney

Tenant Landlord Agent Law

Property Websites Portals Creation Social Media 

Help with Advertising and Marketing

Financial Consultancy Planning

Event Analysis

Property Mgt Software, Property Events, Property Books

Real Estate Millionaire Network

Risk Mgt Planning 

Bankruptcy Petitions orders 

Statutory Demands, Enforcement Notices

Pip Personal Independence Allowance

UK Benefits, NHS, Housing

Chasing Papers for Dodgy Agents Via Courts

Getting sa302 Registered, Doing Incomes Expenses

Harassment Law,  Unfair Dismal, Personal Injury 

Accountants Refferals 

USA UK Visas Work Permits Passport DVLA

Making Money via Uber

Cars Vans Transportation Buy Rent Hire

Nullifying Bankruptcy getting court transcripts going to MPS

Dealing with Trading Standards in Barking and  Council Ilford

Filing Criminal and Civil Proceedings

Doing Property Inventories

Helping the Homeless

Dealing with Insolvency Experts – Cash Flow and balance Sheet

Dealing with Ctax – Solicitors undertakings

Dealing with suppliers gas electrics builders epc etc

Renewing Off Licence Certification

Dealing with divorce lawyers 

Dealing with Dodgy Landlords eg getting p60s and Passports

Dealing with Courts

Trade press and local press

Dealing with Council leaders


Call Team BB: 



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