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BB is a member of Fitness First Gym Group Pure Gym Easy Gym David Lllyod Nuffield Gym, he can get you a free pass and can enlighten you on heath and well being etc the rest is up to you.


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  • BB you are funny, you make me laugh, can I film you?. Female Student at Univ. Works in Harrods. Lives in Ilford. Age: 24, Trains at Nuffield Gym Ilford, EssexYou are always laughing we love it. Various at Nuffiled. BB Told them that he the Golden  Laughing Bhuddha – always laughing joyfully and radiating!  Jerry and many others.

  • BBs Tarot Card readings are accurate he has excellent intuiition, various Ilford Library, Majid, Jagit, Gurmit, Symia, Brenda, Rhondha many other…
  • Team BB found me place to staymon HB  with 2 year contract ,Ian Bent Roberts 62 got made redundant by LBR as street clean, Team BB assisting me with pensions , technology etc and Barry engaged Morgan Marks Solicitors and got me back my passport and p60s from Mr Bala of 2 St Thomas Road dodgy landlord…video and pics of Bala on way.
  • BB will be holding Reiki Sessions in November 2018  in Valentines mansion and will doing Angel Card Readings..astro and more , Gavin and Fiona have his books.
  • BB knows Tichy and Manors and Ricky Johal who are cash buyers and cash and many more…
  • I met BB at Redbrdige Sports Centre, Kully plays Ceral in Goodness Gracious on bbc tv actor and  property investor family man…! 
  • BB met David  44 from undatebles series who is  author trainer and magcian  in Weatherspoons pub! 

  • I trained with BB in FFirst and Easy Gym. I go CRC london chruch with BB. Dimitri 30’s Model Guard  Carer body Builder. ex G Friend was Police Women.
  • Dear bhadresh gohil,Dr Pandit S S has replied to your comment DR SS Jui is excellent .
    The following reply has been reviewed and approved to be added on to NHS Choices. The GP practice replied on 10/11/2016:Dear breakfast barry Thank you for your positive feedback. It is a delight to see that you have been happy with our service and that your Father is doing well. We are constantly striving to improve and develop further services within the surgery. Kundalini yoga lessons is one of the newer services we are piloting and hope to put this into place shortly. Thanks again for your positive feedback You can also see the reply online now. Thank you,
    NHS Choices
  • I used to work for BP, Morgan,  CitiBank as a trader i got made redundant in 2009 , I live off property income in UK and spain my kids are grown i am separated. Maurice. Age 50. I do legal campaigns for people.
  • BB gave me money and got me sign on and work. Salim Ilford Barber displaced by wife 2 kids, 3
  • BB gave me a fiver. Guy from Good Hospital now has council flat in Barkingside. Bi Polar!

  • Do a groups campaigns, petition, against Natwest / RBS group they took many peoples Overdraft away from 2008 to 2013. Worst Bank. Criminal Solicitor.  Becket wrote to RBS re your OD.
  • BB Tarot Readings are excellent Brenda, Simya, Majid, Jagit, many others – Ilford Essex. 
  • I work in Bank of England and took up Yoga my strength levels sky high, I started training after my father died. I look after my mum who has Parkinsons, Angina, I used to also work for the FCA. Friend 43, Female.

  • Can you help me with property management, fiance. Kiran Land lady, Ilford, Essex. Contact Team BB advisd Barry.

  • BB we cannot believe that PJC did that you..haha you have been Back stabbed. Many people, Facebook, Linked in, Social Media, In Person Contacts..BB says..well here today and gone the next like Prince…Where the Doves Cry! Be in the Now! :)

  • Jui saves BB Dad – by stopping all anti depressive tablets  as BB’s father 67 is on 19 tablets , Jui is a diabetes specialist ib Birmingham and Yoga trainer with BB. BB has given her feedback Re NHS forums for saving lives!

  • Body-Power2011
  • need a HMO licence in Newham. Go to BB site and ask Team BB. ammed, uffield Gym.I earn 17k and got chucked out off my house in Bournemouth by my parents for being gay can you help me get a mortgage? Yes, I can contact Team BB. BB says.
  • I want my 4k back. Jyoti, Sunil, Dharmesh or we will sue you. BB says Contact Team BB,

  • 20161030_164212-1
  • Can you lend me 350£. BB lent monies, pay me back when you can. Dipak Data, Trustee Arthritis Chariy, ASNET.
  • I was married to partner from Pakistan she got me put prison I lost a lot on the material plane I used to work for Morgan Stanley, I came out of prison and created a property portfolio in Birmingham and have new Polish partner who is a model for magazines. Training keeps me going. My ex is jealous and kids love me for my come back. I look after and visit my mum. Confidential. 
  • I need to separate from the hubby. I have kids. I need a mortgage. Contact Team BB. Sonia, Nursery Mananger, Essex.

  • BB can you help me get a mortgage? Alena, with 50k Cash Depost, from Russia with Love. SIA Security Guard, London.

  • 2 Romain guys thought I was racist and butted into my conversation with 4 people by assuming and acting on impulse. BB has raised complaint. They was going to be flight which got stopped by a guy who worked for Fidelity and now works for Pension Hedge Fund in Liverpool Street. BB has raised complaint P1 with Management and was tempted to do a Tyson and do some face biting like the FaceOff – nothing like having live protein meal! Why do people Butt in and Assume things?

  • Call / email me – Rick – formerly from Mens Health – works for protein dynamix in Kent re working together.

  • Breakfast Barry Wins Mens Health FatBa Awards,

    Breakfast Barry Wins Mens Health FatBa Awards,

  • I am preparing for the Miami Competition in St Albans. Body Building and am getting cut and seeking sponsorship. House Party Guy. MetRX, Ilford, Essex.

  • VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110

    VLUU L110, M110 / Samsung L110, M110

  • I saw you flying around on the TRX machine amazing skills…who are you? Josh , ie Guard, Nuffield Gym, UK.

  • I loved your Video to Saturday Love! I love the way your hands, body moves. The video was great and funny. MidWife ot 17 yaears , NHS, Newham Hospital. UK

  • Rambo
  • I approached BB in Stratford, WhSmith  Retail, I could tell he was a PT like me, I thought he was 28! I am 24 and have arrived from Czech Republic recently,  BB gave me contacts for my website creation, fiance and legal help within seconds! BB resolved my banking matters.  My stress has disappeared! Bob aka Lekvak ,  24 Chez Republic, Ex Army!  His Dad is ex SAS !


  • BB you have a unique  creative training style can you teach me. Various persons at Nuffield Gym, Ilford, Essex.

  • BB has a Nutri Bullet (DGV Kale …) every day. Inquire about secret recipe. Work Colleague, 30s. Location: Top Secret! Find out about the Benefits of Nutri Bullets – contact BB now! 

  • Ilford Recorder - Create Positive Energy

    Ilford Recorder – Create Positive Energy

  • I  only do the Insanity class and my muscles ache. 19 Law Student, Dad is Doctor. Increase your Stamina and improve your  Nutrition, Hydration- BB’s Advice. Nuffield Gym, Ilford.
  • BB we love your dancing moves. You should dance more! Various at Nuffield Gym, Ilford, Essex.

  • I am 57 now in my younger days I trained with Ticky Donovan – Karate Expert OBE, now I do a few classes and walk the Dog. My diet is clean and cholesterol is low risk of diabetes and heart disease is low. I train every day and walk my dog in Fairlop Water, Essex. Jack, 57. Ilford, Nuffield, Gym.

  • BB you make it look so easy how the hell do you do that exercise? Various persons at Nuffied Gym, Ilford, Essex.

  • BB told me about his story and others  case studies- credit crisis, being unable to raise 500k in 2008 , the challenges, life events, feelings of suicide, loss of relationships, redundancy, the number of work around’s he had to find like Bruce Lee, etc etc . When Xshit hits the fan you get to Learn , Grow , Adapt Expand fast – you learn the truth about friends and family !  The Key being to keep the HEART OPEN regardless of what Life throws at you!  I thought I had it bad. Gym goer, 38. I am starting to defy odds! Take more calculated risks if he can do it so can I! BB inspired me, boy he has defied the ODDs! ! Most people have only job he had many in different industries! He is right experience make a person! UNIVERSITY OF LIFE IS A GREAT TEACHER! Majid, 38, Barkingside, Essex.

  • 20161030_141158-13
  •  Team BB ported my father’s mortgage who in his 80 into my name and got a split title on my arage conversion. BB does what he  says on the packet! Source: Dee Data, 40’s,  Trustee of Arthritis Society ASNET, Cisco, Apple Certified. BB’s friend and gym buddy. Nuffield Gym, Ilford, Essex.
  • I met BB in LAX he gave me tips and I was amazed I have been training incorrectly for 10 years. Sales Trader, BNP Paribas Bank, London and Compliance Manager.

  • 12375039_1101695203183492_70428005865123867_o
  • I find it hard get motivated to do weights on my own. I enjoy swimming though. Girl 17.
  • My diabetes disappeared after I had a call to ACTION, doctors told me take injections, I said no, now I am 63, my diabetes has disappeared, I train in the  morning every day for 2 hours and eat what ever I like as I am burning it all off. My doctor were /are amazed. Entrepreneur.

  • Mind Body Spirit Book by BB 2012
  • My mum’s sister died, she never looked after her self , she was a business women, however she  had diabetes, on the outside she was attractive, however, the diabetes got the better of her, she developed  a clot in the left  leg and had a heart attack, her leg got amputated and she died 2 Weeks later. What is importance of  money if health is not there. Source: BB!

  • I am a PT and lost my child and job and became depressed and put weight on. Everyone is going through a SHIFT in life. With time one can rise above this by exercising the body as exercise alters your physiology and body chemistry by releasing endorphin’s !  PT 20’s

  • 13268126_1197038840315794_627317274623184200_o
  • I have used BB’s food plans from his book and they work. Various PTs and clients.  BB should road shows and banners and sell more books, DVDs. Various Clients.

  • BB Book Singing in Waterstones 2010
  • I am lean however my diet is poor, too many teas with sugar, I am hyper by nature, and I lack in energy from time to time, I work in a Sales role where I have to Hit targets and get deals, I am always travelling under pressure. BB changed this . …40’s Cisco Manager for EMEA Region, Ilford..

  • My sex life end bed room skills have improved after BB improved my nutrition and gave me exercise plans..Zing Zing Ha . He should write a Kama Supra Book he know a lot about Sex, Sexual Fitness, Sexual Health and Human Body! Source: Confidential!

  • sexpouk 202
  • BB with Rachael McCoy, Sex Therapist at SexPo UK 2015

    BB with Rachael McCoy, Sex Therapist at SexPo UK 2015

  • I am in my 60’s BB showed me exercises to improve my posture by giving me back and abs exercises. My posture and breathing have  improved, I feel stronger! Can do a lot  more know shopping, lifting etc..



  • B told me me about Human frequencies , Heart Freq,  7 sins, importance of Self Care of the Body, the Book of Mormons – what it says about health and our gifts to humanity, what the Bible, Veda, Mother Teresa say..other masters and their learning..What is frequency of the Heart? ( LOVE is the highest frequencies) .  Keep you Heart Open a block can result in Health Issues. Your Heart is where your Spirit Resides. Did you know it took Mohammed Ali’s heart took more than half and hour to die – all his other organs had failed. He had a strong spirit despite his tribulations in life!
  • 20161030_154913
  • I went to BB’s house he did my fit tests and showed me how my body works in the gym and gave me training food plans. I was puffing during 5min warm and sweating like a PIG! 50 BlackRock IT

  • 13692985_1238061002880244_8248572861560944546_o
  • My ex girl friend’s dad died at 83 of heart disease, diabetes and was smoker! He was independent and a very successful man. He said to me self care in important you cannot reply on others.He bought up several kids on his own and ran business. His wife died of asthma. Source: BB
  • My ex girl friend got me into cocaine I lost it all. BB is right about muscle memory. He invited me to his fit network I am clean now, am in training , have a new partner and a job in FM CS management in London, Aldgate, UK.

  • 13692946_1238060996213578_4691951613667966559_o
  • Me and BB chat about health a lot, i swim 3 times a week and have a once year health check, Lal age 90 retired, landlord, Ilford, Essex!
  • BB helped with investment advice, loans, savings advice. Graham, UK

  • You look fit in shape. Tom family man, Jewellery shop owner.  Northamption , Maurice. 57, 50.
  • I met BB on FaceBook we connected. Annable Coulet, Australia and many more!

  • BBs Yoga training healed me.  I love his Heart Centered mantras and and exercises, they really open you up.  Where is the love eh? ( That is a Black Eyes Song Right?)
  • I met BB on FaceBook. I now live in Australia and seen husbands come and go. I had my kids! All I want now is a young man . No commitment! No stress, 50;s Woman.

  •  I have met BB 4 times and he has taken me to Nuffied gym Ilford, affiliated to Hospitals, I am considering joining with a view to feeling better , to increase my confidence as I am currently suffering from depression and weight gain from the side effects of medications since losing my work. I have yet for something to snap in me to me take action. 

  • BB  is a regular at MET-Rx. Ilford, Ask for Donald, Manager, quote BB is get DISCOUNTS on products!162 High Road, IG11LL Ilford02085145786

  • 51DBPI+TfXL__UY250_
  • I have seen my bro suffer with sciatica he was a Stallone look alike and well into Body Building and Sports like many he has RELAPSED. He has had may jobs: adult entertainment industry, currently commodities broker, worked in legal firms been a security, bouncers and worked in IT and shop we had in Derby. He got into Debt I paid his debt off and have now given his flat back following long term disputes. Families can give you a headache. Sometimes it is best NOT to bail them out simply for them to learn  from their mistakes. BB

  • 13558881_1223585187661159_518247498435572058_o (1)
  • I know a security guard who used to do Taekwondo now he has relapsed and his dad 83 is dying of prostate cancer at 83 as he has spread to the spine as it was not caught early. One of my ex-JPMorgan colleague got himself tested. Black people more prone to it than Indians.
  •  BB you know alot about Health and Fitness, BB also provided me contacts for his FS team re property matters. Birdy, YMCA Personal Trainer, Nuffield, GYM, Ilford, Essex.

  • BB you are funny come to my TURKISH restaurant -‘ IRE’. Chris, Owner IRE, Poperty Investor, 28, Romford , Nuffield Gym Goer, Ilford, Essex.

  • 20161030_131438-5
  • BB thanks for the feedback. It was great to meet you at Kings Cross Station, London. Anna Pilkington, Stantander Business Banking, Body Builder, Leeds, UK.  I will send you my pictures to upload on your Gallery. Ps I know all the people you have met: Eddie Hall etc!
  • BB when it comes to exercise & life it is about self motivation, become self reliant. Steve Gul, 6th Dan, UK Champion, Martial artist –  former World European, British,  English Karate Champion, Friend, London.BB we love your AHH’s instead of Grrrss. Clearly you derive pleasure from you workouts, exercises and trainers. Sophie, Natural Body Builder, HSBC Business Banker, Manor Park rez Debz Fitness, Fitness – YMCA Certified, Insanity, Body Pump, Cycle Training and much more, Nuffield Gym, Ilford.

  • July2016 740
  • I had weak Abs, Motivation Levels, Body Fat,  BB fixed this, my exams improved at university also, he improved my food, good food improves your thinking. 20s, Xile, I wrote a music track for BB as Gift ‘We Go Hard and Tears I Cry.’
  • BB you lift our spirits Steve Gul, 6th Dan, former World European, British,  English Karate Champion, Friend, London.  Steve trained with Ticky Donovan OBE. Steve makes the BB Videos in the Gym- The Secret Video Maker! :) ‘BB You are funny in classes.’ Ilford, Nuffield Gym.

  • IMG_1005
  •  You are funny – Dantian Sat Kriya Gun, Wifi”, Yoga Training, Portugal! My kids are crazy about you” – Jui Pandit GP Doctor NHS- Birmingham PTC, KRI Teacher Trainer L1. Wants to work with BB to Heal Patients combine West\  Eastern Systems and to secure gym funding with BB in November 2016 – ie Yoga and GP knowledge.

  • IMG_0100
  • We saw BB flying around like Superman on the TRX  and asked him to show us how to work our back muscles on the back machine. Mum 33, daughter 16. He is amazing! Nuffield Gym, Ilford.
  • I exercise every day with weights and do cardio with my son 43. Stan, ex Marconi in 70’s. South East Location.

  • BB showed me how to invest in Property – Residential Commercial and showed me the pros of commercial shop buy to let property investment and risk management and models of success.  Source: Many!

  • julia
  • I have had cancer 3 times and do a lot for Charities and Landlords now I should met you 20 years back BB. 70’s Woman, Chester, Liverpool, UK.
  • BB told me about  Belly fat- the fat test, visceral fat, testosterone, estrogen,  leptin, cell biology, energy systems , cortisol, compound exercises and correct Foods to boost testosterone and lepton levels ! The Dantien – Samurais. Source: Business man!

  • Breakfast Barry in Prediction Magazine

    Breakfast Barry in Prediction Magazine


  • I met BB on FaceBook his advice is excellent. Tiffany, Zumba Instrcutor, USA Ohio
BB at Body Power

BB at Body Power

  • My exams marks improved and strength levels . Source : BB’s cousin , 20’s Looking for Work Uni Grad!
  • BB-Book-Singing-Empowering-the-Young-20101
  • Team BB found me a job at Virgin Active Gym. We did a Video together up North in LA PT. Stefi Nestolova PT now in Poland – works in Recruitment!
  • BB at Department of Health promoting Health for All Ages Backgrounds
  • My mentor, trainer: Dave Beaver, JPMChase Advises: I was ranked 4th in the UK for Running, Eat correctly, Exercise Every Day, be around Positive People. Source: Dave Beaver, Over 55;s, Brighton, UK. (BB’s Guide – Mentor!)

  • BB with runner Dave Beaver ranked 4th in UK in his younger days!

    BB with runner Dave Beaver ranked 4th in UK in his younger days!

  • I suffer from sciatica BB recommenced Tai Chi and Yogas. I am much better now. 50’s Potential Customer
  • BB says combine Holistic and Modern Medical care to get best of both worlds as we are living longer.

  • I am a school teacher 61, in my 3rd marriage, BB gave me advice on how to purchase a 2nd property as additional income  at my request. 61, Retired school teacher, Ilford, UK!
  • 20161030_160942
  •  II am 27 from Hungry, I have gone full vegetarian and my energy has increased. BBs comments: Sattva foods increase vibrations. I told her about Tamsic and Rajasic Foods. Source: Kundalini Yoga where BB is a L1 Trainer!

  • It takes 2k for cremation and 10k to bury you in in UK  so you might as well Enjoy for life! Source: BB I am 49 land lacked in energy, I am Full time property investor by Trade. BBs advice, was to increase water intake drink 8 glasses or 1-2 litres of every day. Cells need air and water and correct foods to produce ENERGY. Friend, 49, Property Investor.

  • credentials
  • I asked BB how to get rid of Bingo Wings and Get Fit Buns – Source:  Compliance Manager, LAX Liverpool Gym.  I was upset to find out that LAX Management banned him, I know he was giving advice to people for Free and all the PT’s who are self employed  cleared felt that he was  a Threat! Well it is their loss. Glad you are at Nuffield Gym, Ilford. We miss you! Source:  Compliance Manager, LAX, Liverpool, Street, London, UK.

  • about_bb_pic_title
  • 20161030_171149
  • I am in my 60’s I fell in Southend on Sea and my soon, is getting me to reduce weight  and has told me to do back and abs exercises and to enjoy life more instead of watching TV. Source: Nalin, BB’s Father.
  • born
  • BB I am pub manager, T – Total but have taken time out to do a 2-3 weeks course at London Yoga. BB’s comments:  Tai Chi, all Yogas and Martial Arts , Body Building are all inter related
  • BB I told my wife about you, you are funny, you should have your own  van , logos and do road shows and TV, come to Virgin gym in Kent. Source: Darren, Transcribe Media , London Wall. City of London, UK.

  • BB at Body Power Event 2011

    BB at Body Power Event 2011

  • I left Fitness First and joined Nuffield Gym and was happy to see BB. My diabetes has disappeared since i started exercising and I am having 3 monthly  regular checks at Nuffield!. Shop owner , Gran Dad, Bodybuilder, 60’s.
  • ”Your body follows where your mind goes”. BB

  • BB I set you goals to realize your health and fitness goals within 2 years and you did it in  6 months and hit all the magazines for truly are an action man who is focused! Troy Brown – IFBB Professional, PT, UK, Canada!

  • BB you are inspiring a transformer. I need to lose weight and get fit ASAP. You have inspired me. Sham, University Friend. 

  • sepbb-087
  • My son has seen your videos, he is a mad about you BB! Jui, Doctor, Birmingham!
  • BB I saw you running on Eastern Aveune at 4am in the morning…how do you do it??!!. I struggle to get up. Betting Shop Employee over 50’s.

  • July2016 734
  • BB your story in very inspiring I will email/ give CEO of Metro Bank Vernion Hill,  your details to arrange a meeting. – Alan O’ Shea, Metro Bank, Store Manager, Unit 3, 120 Cheapside, City of London, EC2V 7JB
  • Come and speak for us. Mercedes 16 Startford. BB donated£5 to Charity.

  • Help me get out of Ilford, Abz former Cocaine addict, nearly died. Contact Dipak Raval BB said.

  • July2016 693
  • My gout went away. BB gave meclean diet plan and recommend his books. I got checked bydoctor all is ok. Various. 
  • 20161030_140304

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